Solar Screen Fabric

Gridwork, Almond with Buffalo 90%
Gridwork White frame with Buffalo 90%

Colors Available


Although Lone Star Solar Screens offers all major brands of solar screening, we only offer top of the line PVC coated woven Polyester fabrics. No fiberglass is used in any of our exterior solar screening. Our products are available in 80% and 90% woven patterns. Available colors include: Beige, Black, Brown, Buffalo, Gray, and Desert Grain (or Stucco/ Desert Sand – depending on the Brand).

Lone Star lent its expert experience along with its decades of knowledge, including feedback of its 100,000s of satisfied retail customers, its wholesale customers and other contractors on what the end users wanted and expected from a Premier Solar Screen. Such as, family (including pets) safe, performance, durability, appearance and visibility. Lone Star also advised along with others the need to make the product more workable, making the rolling process as easy as possible while still retaining the stability, shape and durability with the least amount of defects possible. It also needed to be held to the same or surpass the standards as the other brands, Vertishield matched or exceeded these standards in every area. The low sheen, streak free finish allows for the ultimate in visibility all with an even color finish. Vertishield even passes the more rigorous EU standards.

As Lone Star Solar Screens has been the leading retail/ installation company directly to the end user (Homeowner) for almost 30 years, it is our privilege to say thank you to all of the Vertilux team for supplying us with this unbelievably superior product. Vertishield is undoubtedly the best solar screening product we have ever used or seen. And we have used or seen them all.


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Vertilux currently sells in over 80 countries. Having its own facilities in 15 countries More than 35 years of experience and innovation have placed Vertilux and its customers at the forefront of the curtain and shade industry.

Vertilux Collection is the most complete collection of fabrics and technical solutions, being the only winning option in solitary. Vertilux designs and manufactures unique and generic fabrics and systems, worldwide in Europe and the USA. All Vertilux products have decorative and technical benefits for consumers, manufacturers and industry professionals.

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Our success in the market is directly related to innovative products, that meet and exceed at all times, the expectations of consumers. The Vertilux brands are leaders in their respective categories and in the Innovation, Quality and Design platforms.